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About Ozzie Angrish

Ozzie Angrish is a United States Army Veteran who was born and raised in Americus, GA. After severing in the military, Ozzie earned her Masters’ degrees in Business Administration and Public Management from Strayer University (’14) and University of Maryland (’19). In 2005, she was certified to start her Real Estate journey in Tennessee, but lost sight of her goal as a Realtor and PCS/relocated to VA. After relocating to NoVA, sometime in 2017, Ozzie realized the reason for why she wanted to get her RE licensed had been triggered again. She thought, “Why are there no affordable nice homes for those that make over the income restrictions, BUT are living paycheck to paycheck because of inflation.” God be the glory, Ozzie began her Realtor journey during the pandemic determined to find ways to a solution to those that received BAH and cannot find reasonable living quarters and for those who relocating to the DC metro area and need find a home that fits their budget and needs. While working a full-time as a federal government employee with DoD, she ultimately transitioned into Real Estate full-time working with both Residential and Commercial buyers and sellers!

Ozzie has over 20+ years of experience in customer service and solving problems. She invites you to “Ring the Bell🔔" to your real estate success with her and her team. We’re here to keep it real with you even if it hurts. Transparency & our Christian values matters to us! If you do not understand the process as a first-time home buyer or first-time seller, we are here to guide and educate you along the way! We understand that you have a plethora of agents to help you both with your Residential and Commercial Real Estate Goals and we are truly grateful for your time to support. Ozzie lives in DC Metro area with her husband.

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